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Use keywords to search Counting India for data, then choose a place or places to view your data.



Census data is massive, and sometimes it’s hard to find the table you’re looking for. Search by table and column keywords.


We want to help you tell great stories. Maps and distribution charts help uncover what’s interesting, so you can take it from there.

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From any comparison, save the data you’re viewing in CSV or Excel formats.

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Counting India is Factly’s attempt to bridge the gap between the facts and the narrative. It is our attempt to process the data available and present it in a way you will understand. It is a journey that can take you as far as you want, from Kashmir to Kanyakumari with a special set of eyes. Eyes that will crunch the numbers, create personalized data visualization on key demographics and eyes that cannot lie.


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Populations and financial figures are broken down by category: Demographics, Religion, Education, Marital Status, Data on Workers and Age.


Our library of charts gives you insight into data from the places you research. Look for them on profile pages. You can even embed the charts on your own site.

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Pre-computed statistics are presented alongside each data point, so you can see how each place fits into a larger context.

Using Counting India

Finding places

Type in the name or address of a place. Then select the location you are interested in from the dropdown.

Alternatively, click on the map area you want to go to. The + and - buttons zoom in an out.

Exploring data

Statistics are broken down into categories. Find a key figure for a sub-category on the left.

Hover over graphs to see comparisons with the district and country averages.